Employee Relations

The office of Employee Relations serves as a trusted advisor to top university officials, managers and staff members as it relates to performance management, staff policies, workplace conflict and training.  We also administer the annual employee appreciation and recognition events designed to increase employee morale.


Employee Relations

The employee relations office offers various training courses that could be helpful to your staff.

Making the Most of Performance Evaluations

Managers have the dual tasks of evaluating performance of supervisors as well as reviewing evaluations prepared by supervisors.This session will review such topics as avoiding discrimination in performance evaluations and in the evaluation process, evaluating a diverse workforce, setting goals and objectives, improving performance appraisals and the role of managers in the review process.

Employees’ Rights and Responsibilities:The Policies and Procedures of GSU

As an employee, do you know what your responsibilities are in working at GSU? Are you aware of the many resources available to you if you have a problem or issue? If not, then this class is for you. This session will cover the main policies related to the employee’s work environment, who to contact for help, and how to access certain resources.

Performance Management and the Progressive Discipline

This session details strategies to promote positive employee relations and Georgia State's progressive disciplinary process. It identifies ways to motivate employees. It provides modeling and practice in how to hold discussions with staff members about unacceptable performance when coaching and feedback have failed to correct performance. The group will also discuss procedures for documentation and handling emotions under pressure.

The Grievance and the Complaint: What’s the Difference?

What is a grievance? What is a complaint? When should an individual file a grievance versus a complaint? What is a manager’s responsibility once a grievance or complaint is filed? Gain a better understanding of the grievance and investigative processes, time frames, referrals, steps to follow, and a manager’s role/responsibility in monitoring the environment.
You can register for these courses here are by contacting the office of Employee Relations at (404) 413-3356. Management training courses/workshops are also offered and instructed by Aaliyah Newell & Ivy Horn-Scott.  .