Knowledge Sharing Day Recap

Posted On June 23, 2015
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Last spring the Office of Organizational Development and Consulting Services partnered with Staff Council for the first Annual Knowledge Sharing Day (KSD). This year’s theme was in honor of Dr. Seuss – Oh, the Places You’ll Go! KSD provided a platform for the 2014 Staff Development Fund Recipients to share what they learned. Some traveled abroad to the UK while others obtained certifications. Eleven presenters took the floor at Dahlberg Hall and shared with us their lifelong learning journey. We had a chance to interview a few.

 Navigating British Higher Education

Jennifer Gerz-Escandon, Ph.D - National Scholarships and Fellowships

Jennifer Gerz-Escandon, Ph.D. – National Scholarships and Fellowships

Jennifer Gerz-Escandon, Ph.D., Director of National Scholarships and Fellowships, traveled to the UK to get a first-hand look at higher education in the UK. Jennifer’s department takes pride in connecting outstanding students with outstanding opportunities. Jennifer traveled to 16 universities in 16 days. She is more equipped to assist students with scholarship opportunities in the UK as a result of her experience.

Mentoring Through Management

Martin Ross  - Mail Services

Martin Ross – Mail Services

When Martin Ross traveled to Nashville, TN it wasn’t to listen to music at the Country Music Hall of Fame. Instead, he had a different song in his heart – Mentoring Through Management. Martin spent four days learning what it takes to be a good mentor. “Staff may forget what you tell them but will remember how you made them feel.” Martin shared with his staff the fundamentals of coaching, trust, and commitment. Martin’s biggest take-a-way – understanding partnerships with co-workers regardless of status.

Change Your Life Through Coding

Deborah Dunbar - IS&T

Deborah Dunbar – IS&T

Males currently dominate the technology field but thanks to women like Deborah Dunbar, the number of women in technology continues to rise. Deborah could have discussed SQL from a technical point of view; instead she focused her presentation on how women can change their life through coding. It was a casual conversation as those who were in attendance got to ask her a plethora of questions. In addition to learning your web language of choice, Deborah encouraged women to pick up 1 – 2 projects to enhance their technology skills and continue to learn.



Wendy having a wonderful time at KSD!

Wendy having a wonderful time at KSD!

“I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed today’s Knowledge Sharing event.  It was a perfect environment to get to know some new faces, and I was so disappointed when it was over so soon.  I only had a chance to stop at four of the tables, but the intimate setting made for wonderful information exchanges- which is why I was only able to make it to four tables.  Thank you for all you and your team do!”

Wendy Darsey
Project Manager
IS&T Project Management Office

Enjoy these photos from Knowledge Sharing Day!



Photo Credits: Huiping Du – [email protected]