Onboarding FAQs

Yes  using e-signature will expedite the offer acceptance process as it will now be automated.
Currently it does not, however Shared Services is working on building an interface that may allow data integration between the two systems in the future.
The new Onboarding process at Georgia State streamlines the process by tracking events during the employee’s life cycle using Taleo's automated system. Your department's Onboarding process can be used to compliment the new automated process.
The current Onboarding process is geared towards staff.
 As soon as the offer is accepted, the Onboarding portal (powered by Taleo), will become available to the new hire. The tools needed to become successful from day one are included in this portal. Prior to their arrival new hires will be able to complete the required paperwork, register for Panther Tracks New Employee Orientation and Benefits Orientation.
The Onboarding process includes an “End of Onboarding” form which should be used to terminate an employee whose documented performance or behavior is unsatisfactory and does not warrant continued employment.
Although the two are very similar, there are some distinct differences. Panther Tracks New Employee Orientation occurs on one day only. Onboarding is a process that lasts during the new hire's first six months of employment. The Onboarding process is designed to shorten the amount of time it takes a new hire to become a productive staff member by integrating them into Georgia State’s culture from day one. It also helps new hires adjust to the social and performance aspects of their jobs. The overall objective is to guide the new hire through the critical tasks that may result in becoming a productive and successful employee.
All notifications are sent by email to the new hire's manager.
The tasks will be available to the hiring manager through the Onboarding portal in Taleo.
The Onboarding process is designed to take the employee through the first six months of employment. There will be various campus-wide and departmental activities that will engage new hires during their first full year of employment.


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